Monday, April 4, 2011

Tied Down

            I haven't written a post on here in nearly 3 months. Well, they say accepting a problem is the first step in fixing it. Well, I believe that, but going from accepting something to actually changing it is a huge, radical, and many times, painful step. So, understanding I'm not ready to take that step jsut yet, here's some advice for those of you who are:

           If I had to describe my lack of blog posting with the use of one word, that word would be "commitment." That's one of the areas in my life i mostly struggle with. Being a college student, having this peculiarity can be an interesting challenge. So, it's encouraging to daily hear that others deal with this same issue.But I feel but most of their commitment issues have to do with schoolwork. I mean, what college student's doesn't? You know you have serious issues when this commitment problem affects your hobbies, out of school  friendships, family, and intimate relationships. When you are even scared to commit in making it to a friend's birthday party, you know something is wrong.

    I feel that a significant key to commitment is trust. Trust that in that by agreeing to go through with an activity  you have something to gain from it, but also something to offer. This may be anything, from writing a creative piece, to commiting to marriage. If this kind of trust isn't present, the chances of you fully commiting are minimal.
   Another important aspect in commiting (maybe the most vital) is love. Even if you have doubts of the benefits you will get, or confidence in what you have to offer, love may be the factor that sparks the fire. When you love something, you put all your energy, thoughts, and emotions in it. In the presence of this other person (or activity, I guess), you feel fully alive, unbreakable, liberated. When there is love in the picture, commitment isn't the demon that ties you down, but more the reassurance of this love. People that have hard time commiting in different aspects of their life, don't lack discipline. They lack love for these different aspects.

   What about those people that have immense amoutns of love about a person, hobby or whatever, but just can't show it? Well, this is an entirely different topic that I won't touch right now.

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