Monday, April 4, 2011


 (This is a post from 3 months ago)
As I've said before, I attend school in Northern Indiana.  So many people here ask me daily: "Why on earth do you wear shorts and flip flops in the winter? It's snowing!!!!" Well, there are some simple answers to this question. I don't do this to draw attention. I don't wear flip flops and shorts because i don't get cold, or  because I'm a masochist. In this life, there are things that happen that shape who we are. There are different circumstances that change and with them, so should we. My wearing flip flops and shorts is more a symbolic action than anything else.

"I have never seen snow and do not know what winter means." Duke Kahanamoku

    I agree, I live in denial...sometimes it's good to change for the better. But please, define "better!" Why conform? Why wear pants and shoes just because it's colder outside?   If you like wearing flip flops and shorts, why not do it throughout the year? I have to admit "Pneumonia," sounds like a good answer but it isn't. Look at me! I never got pneumonia, and I've swam in a lake with freezing temperatures.So here is what I have to say:

Sometimes, living in denial is a good thing. It can get your mind away from your troubles. This is what i'm doing with my shorts and flip flops. Am i cold? Yes. Do i think about it? No! Instead, I look at what i'm wearing and simply murmur: "Nah, it ain't that bad out here..."

This is the same method many people deal with solitary confinement in prison. By creating a utopia in your head, a lie if you may, you forget about the horrible situation you are in and time passes faster.Prisoners in isolation have used this same tactic to avoid paranoia. By planting the thought in their head that they are free men, they started feeling it, and eventually lived like they were. In a suffocating, secluded cell.

It's all in the mind... and it's until you realize that you will surpass your limits!

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