Thursday, January 13, 2011

Part of "Back in Reality" ft. Planet Earth

One of the best aspects of my visits to Greece -besides all the food- is spending time with family and close friends. That's exactly why the idea of leaving seems unbearable. This time i made it. I am back in Indiana, trying to cope with all the differences. From the food, to the way people drive, and even my friends. Nothings the same... This is a good reminder that even though Earth is an extremely small planet compared with the rest of our galaxy, non of it is the same. We know that Mars is a bigger planet but from what we know, it's all similar in its every shape and form. Life brings such color to our small planet that others can't even compete in. Animals, plants, people are all forms of life that (so far) are not found in any other planets. It seems that from all forms of life, especially us people possess unique features and differences, but our veins still run blood, and that makes us -in a peculiar way- the similar.

(Don't you love how i started off talking about my Christmas break and trip back, but ended up discussing cosmology? I will lbe posting a blog shortly discussing what i failed to on this post. )

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