Thursday, December 15, 2011

Confusion of the Saints 9/12/11

Valleys of Fire and Valleys of Sand,
Millions of enemies reach for your hand,
Will you join them or not that’s not your choice to make,
That’s your horror of life, not controlling your fate.
All the pain and the sadness, the blood and the tears,
We forget that we felt them, in our  careless of years,
But they’re phantoms, they’re demons, they won’t go away,
They will haunt us till all of us lie in the grave.
We fought for the difference; we strived for the change,
Only to be beaten and strangled with chains.
This world wants no saviors; its heroes are crying,
Now join them or join us, your old friends are dying.
Your life is uncertain, your death is a fact,
Will you fall a hero, or live like a rat…?

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