Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This was the life

I really enjoy Amy McDonald's music.


This is my favorite from all her songs. For me personally, it brings back memories from past years. The lyrics of the song are slightly ironic:

                     "And you're singing the songs
                            singing this is the life
                       and you wake up in the morning
                            and your head feels twice the size...
                    Where are you gonna go, where are you gonna sleep tonight?"

You feel like this is the life yet your head feels like it's about to explode. For many of us, that's how some or our teenage years were. This doesn't necessarily imply countless hangovers, and sleepless nights. Just try and bring back to mind all those silly things you did as a teenager. Things that were fun, maybe educating, but not wise. Things that, when doing you were probably thinking "this is the life." Then you grow up and realize that life is far more complicated and messed up than what we teenagers would like it to be. And that is exactly the point where regretfully admit: "This was the life..."



  1. Aggghh!! Yes! I know what you mean! Everything used to seem so simple. Before we began to see the world's true face...

  2. The problem is that even as a grown-up, I do thinks that afterwards when I flashback to those, "dumb thinks", I did, I see the world's "true" face.... [mx]